We can't describe what makes a great photo, What makes a moment iconic and memorable. There is something special about a photograph that encapsulates the essence of that slice of time. As a photographer, It's more than just being a creative or artistic minded person. It's being able to sense, feel, and instinctively know that when you press that shutter button you have just captured a memory, a moment that will last forever.

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Vincent Duke

The Storyteller

Being a creative my entire life I have been in many fields of work. From graphics design, software development, web design and many others. Photography however, has always been a passion. More so than photography, I love story telling. I strive to tell the story of my clients at any event. Be it a wedding, birthday, debut, corporate gathering, or even your big product reveal. Every moment has a story, and I want to tell yours.

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Dhomz De Guzman

The Artist

When it comes to excellence I have not found an equal. Dhomz is a true asset, creative, and more than just a business partner he is also now my closest friend. Winning many awards for his creative projects all the way back in college to his day's working as a head plant manager. Dhomz found his calling to switch professions and pursue his lifelong hobby and passion of photography. His competitive nature alway's keeps him pushing and striving for more. His work will amaze you and truly make your moments iconic.

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